CanAdvance TOLSIM system

Is your child struggling with reading and schoolwork?

The TOLSIM System has successfully helped children, like yours, excel and grow into excited and successful learners!

Full Potential

CanAdvance has been very successful helping families overcome learning and reading challenges with their children. Perhaps your child is challenged to reach their full potential. CanAdvance can help!

Comprehensive results

TOLSIM, in most cases, offer faster and more comprehensive results, when compared to the usual individual therapies.

Portrait of pupils looking at page of encyclopaedia at reading lesson
Unique Programs

CanAdvance offers its own unique TOLSIM System - bringing together 3 specialized unique therapies to create a program, which can be uniquely tailored to your child’s needs.

Fast Support Response

Canadvance gives 24/7 online support for the children. So you ask questions regarding anything anytime and we are happy tprovide the answers.

What is the TOLSIM System?

TO - The Tomatis® Method

The Foundation (Import). It is a natural approach to neurosensory
stimulation. Its listening programs change the music and voice in real time in order to capture
the brain’s attention and to develop motor, emotional and cognitive skills.

LS - ReadLS - Mastering the skill (Export)

ReadLS is an evidence-based computer program.
For people with learning difficulty consisting of 15 weeks of targeted game based cognitive
training and reading instructions.

IM - Interactive Metronome® (Processing)

An evidence-based training and assessment tool.
IM is shown to improve cognition, attention, focus, memory, speech/language, executive
functioning, comprehension, as well as motor & sensory skills.