CanAdvance takes great pride in the growth that children have acquired from Neuralign alone.

After the client is exposed to both the Tomatis method and the Interactive Metronome, their skill level and capabilities have advanced by leaps and bounds. However, at that point there is still a grade gap that needs to be filled to bring the client to the level of their peers. 

Neuralign helps to fill that gap. It will shift the neurons in the brain to bring a child from a novice reader, to a skilled reader. Besides for reading skills, they will acquire proficiency in spoken language, comprehension, word retrieval, articulation, handwriting, and hand eye coordination. Ultimately, improvement in all these areas leads to a tremendous jump in confidence levels which has been proven over time with clients in the program. 


Here's how it :

Some of the skills and thinking that we do daily are done with thought and intention. We actively pay attention to what we’re doing as we do it. It requires focus and cognitive energy. For example,  a young child in the early stages of learning how to read, is decoding and identifying one word at a time. They’re using their working memory, or the parieto temporal area of the brain to read, which requires their full attention, and uses large amounts of cognitive energy. When reading takes up so much space and energy in the brain, it’s very difficult for the reader to become proficient, even over time, because the brain is on overload. Neuralign helps clients attain proficiency through enjoyable games, targeted to specific reading skills.

Once reading skills become second nature to a reader, they no longer use so much cognitive energy to read. The system becomes automatized. When that happens, a completely different part of the brain is being used to read- the occiput temporal area of the brain. The working memory is bypassed, freeing room to be used for sharpening more difficult skills, such as developing comprehension.

Neuralign therapy was designed with these ideas in mind. Each game addresses a basic reading skill, and helps develop it so that reading can become an automatic and stress-free experience. 


Bringing it all together

The combination of the Tomatis method, Interactive Metronome and Neuralign programs into one cohesive therapy method, has brought our clients tremendous success. So many areas and issues are worked on and strengthened in the process of the 3 programs.

To date, 90% of our customers have been 100% successful on the program.

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