Interactive Metronome

IM: Interactive Metronome

The interactive metronome is a tool that helps children with a wide range of skills. The program is based on doing activities and exercises to a beat, which helps children with coordination and timing. These skills are crucial to development in so many areas, because when they aren’t at optimal levels it causes a build up of high anxiety and lack of confidence.

After the Tomatis®­ method grounds a child, the interactive metronome is introduced. Building on all the work done through the tomatis effect, the IM will assist the client further, providing  coordination as a framework for whatever skills the child needs to improve.

This removes the performance anxiety and helps them execute properly. The client is now ready for the Neuralign program which brings their actual learning skills up to grade level, because the ground work and coordination is in place.

So how does IM work?

The IM has about 15 interactive games that appeal to clients, and allow for an enjoyable user experience while improvement occurs. Throughout the activities, auditory cues will be heard through the headphones, and the user will be prompted to use the triggering device to a beat when the cue sounds. These activities promote coordination and timing, which removes performance anxiety in reading or other skills. 

Use of the Interactive Metronome is proven to help clients in the following areas: